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How to Play Google Snake Game for Free, Make Players Nostalgic

How to Play Google Snake Game for Free

The google Snake game is one of the many options available to play.

In terms of gameplay, the Google Snake game presents a game that is similar to other snake games.

Players will assume the role of a snake and are tasked with eating as much food as possible.

The more food eaten, the size of the snake will increase and it also adds game points.

Interestingly, the food in this Google Snake game is fruits and vegetables.

This time, UiGame will share how to play the Google Snake game for free.

Curious as to what? Read more below!

The first step you have to do is open the Google Chrome application or Google page.

Then in the search bar column, write "Google Snake Game" and wait until the loading process is complete.

Later at the top, the Google Snake game will immediately appear and you can play.

Make sure the device used is connected to an internet connection so that the game can run smoothly.

For the record, this Google Snake game is only available on a laptop or PC. UiGame had tried the method on HP but couldn't.

The rules of this Google Snake game are quite simple. Players are asked to eat the fruit that appears.

Then make sure the snake doesn't hit the side of the arena or hit its own body.

If the snake hits one of the two elements, then the player will lose immediately.

Good luck!

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