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Google Maps Can Play Snake Game, Here's How

Google Maps Can Play Snake Game

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Have you ever played the snake game that was popular in the 2000s? Well, for some people, the snake game that was once popular in its time is certainly no stranger to our ears.

Snake game at that time even became the default game or default on Nokia brand phones.

Game Snake is a light game played with the main character in the form of a snake. This game has a mission that requires you to collect scores by moving the snake to objects and eating them.

The more objects the snake eats, the longer the snake's body you play with.

It is undeniable, that this game is a very light and simple game. However, by collecting as many scores as possible to compete with friends, it becomes the excitement of the snake game.

How to Play Snake Game Through Google Maps

For those of you who want to reminisce by playing the Snake game, Google apparently also provides this game on the Google Maps service. Game Snake you can access via Google Maps without the need to use third-party applications.

You can access the Snake game on Google Maps from any device, such as a laptop or cellphone. If you want to try playing Snake game on Google Maps, here's how:

  1. Open your browser via mobile or laptop
  2. Visit the site to start playing Snake game
  3. After the site opens, you are immediately shown with a wide selection of Snake game backgrounds
  4. Then select the setting you want, then start playing by pointing the snake at its food.

There is something unique about the Snake game on Google Maps, namely the concept background which is different from the old Snake game. The background of the Snake game used on Google Maps uses maps from certain capital cities, such as Cairo, Sao Paulo, London, Sydney, Tokyo, and so on.

Then, the main character in the Snake game on Google maps is also not a snake, but a train. Unlike the old Snake game, the train will lengthen if it transports people and visits the miniature buildings typical of the national capital that is the background of this game.

Some of the typical building miniatures in the Snake Google Maps game include the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Opera House, and so on. The more people you carry and visits from the miniature, the more scores you will get.

The game will be over if you hit the edge of the game screen or the train body. When the game ends, you can also share the score you got by clicking the "Share" option.

That's how to play the Snake game on Google Maps, good luck.

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