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20 Secret Games on Google and How to Play, Free!

UiGame - Google has a secret game that not everyone knows. This Google game can be played by users for free without downloading the application again.

If you're bored, bored at work, or have been surfing the internet for too long, this Google game might be for you.

Some of these secret games from Google appear only to commemorate anniversaries or to enliven the game's birthday celebrations. But in fact these games are still available and can be played until now.

20 Google Hidden Games Complete with How to Play

Here we present 20 secret games from Google that you can play for free:

Dinosaur Games

You must be familiar with this Google game. When you lose your internet connection, a dinosaur image will appear on the front page of Google Chrome.

Actually it is a game provided by Google for its users to eliminate boredom while waiting for the connection to reconnect.

Play Snake

This snake game is similar to the snake game on old Nokia phones. You can still play it on Google for free with more fun and colorful visuals.

You can simply type "Play Snake" into the Google search page, then click "Play" in the panel in the search results. Then a pop-up will appear to start playing.

To play it, all you have to do is use the navigation keyboard or the right, left, up, and down arrows so that the snake can move around and grab as much food as possible.


The next secret game on Google is Tic-tac-toe or commonly known as 'SOS'. You can directly search for this game on the Google search page by typing "Tic-tac-toe".

Then the Google search results page will bring up a 3x3 board in the top panel. You can also adjust the difficulty level by clicking on the small arrow menu in the upper left corner of the screen.

Click the first sign to start the game, then you will be faced with the computer as the opponent.


This Google game is quite easy to find. Users simply type in the search field with the keywords "Solitaire" or "Classic Solitaire" then press the play button. You can play it according to the level of difficulty you want.

The initial appearance of this game was said to help users get used to using their fingers to use the mouse such as right-left clicking and drag and drop in a fun way.


Minesweeper is a single-player puzzle video game. The way to play this game is that you have to clear the scattered boards or hidden bombs. To win this game, you have to open all the boards without blowing them up.

Playing Minesweeper also has a trick with a simple calculation. When you click on a field, it will usually open other fields next to it. Don't forget to use adjacent number hints in each field.

3d T-Rex Dino Chrome

Of the many games available, maybe you should try this Google game. Unlike the previous classic dinosaur games which can only be played when there is no connection, 3d T-Rex Dino Chrome must be played online.

The appearance is also quite attractive with a 3-dimensional style that is presented. If you want to play this game, you can simply search for "3d T-Rex Dino Chrome" in the Google search field.

Champion Island Games

Doodle Champion Island Games is one of Google's most played secret games until now. The graphics of this game are still in the form of an old Nintendo-style RPG.

The game was originally presented as an interactive Google Doodle to commemorate the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and was re-released at the start of the Paralympics.

Doodle Champion Island Games provides 7 sports-themed mini games such as skateboarding, artistic swimming, rugby, marathon, rock climbing, archery, and table tennis.

How to play it is you as Lucky the Ninja Cat who will travel around the island to participate in sports and face opponents to win the game.

Google Underwater

This secret game is actually a Google display that carries an underwater theme. You simply type "Google Underwater", then you will be presented with a view with an underwater theme. You can play it simply by using the cursor.

Zerg Rush

The Zerg Rush game on Google is said to have been created just for fun and experimentation. However, this game turned out to be successful in attracting the attention of Google users.

When you search for the game Zerg Rush in the Google search field, the page will immediately be bombarded with small balls. Users only need to use the cursor to aim at a colored circle with a hole in the center.

Atari Breakout

Atari Breakout is a secret Google game that quite a lot of people don't know about. If you type in the keyword "Atari Breakout", you will be redirected to the old console game viewing mode.

How to play this Google game is quite easy, that is, you only need to make all the blocks arranged on the small board become exhausted and make sure that the ball you use to destroy the blocks does not fall down.

The Wizard of Oz

In 2019, Google had a unique way to commemorate the 80th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz. Google will magically change your search screen like Dorothy going in and out of Oz.

You can simply search in the Google search field by typing the title of the film "The Wizard of Oz"

2048 Game

The next secret game on Google is 2048. This game requires players to combine boxes with a certain number. The goal is for the numbers in the box to form the final result 2048. 2048 This game can be said to be a kind of number puzzle.

Space Invaders

Google apparently also provides the classic game Space Invaders. You just enter the keyword "Google Space Invaders", you can immediately play the Space Invaders game but with a Google theme.


Google apparently also provides a free metronome service in the search field that can be played at any time. If you don't have a metronome or forgot to bring it with you, you can type metronome into the Google search engine.

The metronome instantly appears above the search results pane and is ready to play.

Google Fan

As the name suggests, this Google Game is just a fan. So you can spin this Google virtual fan. To be able to access it, you simply type the keyword "Google Fan" in the search field.

Google Gravity

Google Gravity is a type of entertainment that changes the appearance of Google with a gravity style. So all the numbers or letters that are on the Google search engine homepage will fall to the bottom. You can then cast those letters and numbers by using the cursor.

Game Google Slalom Canoe

The next secret game on Google is Slalom Canoe. This game is a type of obstacle course game with a water sports theme. You can play this game by entering the keyword "Slalom Canoe" in the search engine.

Game Google Soccer 2012

This game was carried out at the 2012 Olympics. Google Doodle carries many sports themes such as football which can still be played today.

Game Google Basketball 2012

The next secret game on Google is Basketball 2012. Just like the previous Google Soccer, this game is also carried to enliven the 2012 Summer Olympics. Even so, you can still play this game until now.

Google Guitar

Google Doodle which has many mini games also released a game called Google Guitar. This game can be played simply by picking the wire using the cursor.

Here are 20 Google Games that you can play for free. Good luck!

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