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Google Doodle, a Google Game that is No Less Fun with Other Games

Google Doodle

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When you talk about the use of Google, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Do you think of Google's function as a search engine – the search engine that can answer your questions about assignments, provide information about the latest news, and inform you about your favorite artists? Or have you thought about the Google Translate feature that can help you understand foreign languages? Maybe you love to travel so think about the benefits that Google Maps provides.

Google is known for its ability to provide information. But, did you know that Google also often releases various original games?

As a way of celebrating some big days, the Google Doodle team is used to making various interesting games that Google users can play. Some games are made to sharpen the brain, some can be played with friends, and not a few games can also be a place to add information. Google keeps some of their Google Doodle games for Google users to access at any time.

Curious about those google doodle games? Come on, check out the following six games!

1. Champion Island

Launched in 2021, Champion Island is one of the largest-scale Google Doodle games. We get the role of Lucky the Cat who is exploring Doodle Champion Island to collect the seven sacred scrolls.

Champion Island is different from other Google Doodle games. If other games have only one type of challenge, this game has seven. We will be asked to beat various opponents in the games of table tennis, archery, skateboarding, rugby, swimming, climbing, and running in a marathon race.

Like adventure games in other games, Lucky's character can talk to other characters in the game and complete various side quests. We can also join a team consisting of international players.

If you are interested in playing this Champion Island game, all you need to do is type “Doodle Champion Island Games” in a Google search.

2. Scoville

This game is made in honor of the 151st birthday of Wilbur Scoville, the man who first determined the spiciness of a chili or pepper. His book entitled "The Art of Compounding" is one of the first literatures to mention that milk can eliminate spicy taste.

Therefore, in this game, we play the role of an ice creamer who is tasked with fighting different types of chilies. We have to fight by pressing the button when a circle is right in the middle of the bar.

In between games, we will also get brief information about the chilies we are fighting, ranging from jalapeno, ghost pepper, to trinidad scorpion butch pepper.

If you want to access this game, “Doodle Scoville Games” is the sentence you need to type in a Google search.

3. Garden Gnomes

Launched on the occasion of Garden Day in Germany, the game is designed to celebrate the garden gnome – the tiny dwarf statues that decorate gardens and play a big role in German history.

We are tasked with launching the dwarf statues using a slingshot or trebuchet across the garden as far as possible. We can also use the help of clouds and butterflies to keep the dwarves flying, the help of mushrooms to soar the dwarves, and the help of wooden sticks to shoot the dwarves. There are six types of dwarves that we can choose from.

Come on, type “Doodle Garden Gnome Games” to play and beat your own record!

4. Lottery

Lottery is one of the first multiplayer games released by Google Doodle. This means that you can play this game with other people, both strangers and friends.

The way to play is almost similar to the game of bingo. We will be faced with a board containing 16 cards. The computer will randomly name the cards. If we have a mentioned card, we have to put a nut on the card. Whoever is the first to place the beans on the cards according to the rules, he must press the "¡loterĂ­a!" and be a winner.

Invite your friends and have fun playing this traditional card game from Mexico by typing “Doodle LoterĂ­a Games”.

5. Coding

The Google Doodle team created this Coding game to celebrate programming or coding for kids. In this game, we are asked to help a rabbit get his carrots by giving a series of instructions like simple coding.

Even though it's made to celebrate kids' coding, this game is still challenging with six levels that increase in difficulty as the levels increase. “Doodle Coding Games” is the word you have to type when trying to play this game.

6. Cricket

The 2017 International Cricket Council Cup was the inspiration for this final game. In this game we play as a cricket against a team of snails. We are asked to hit the ball on time and collect as many points as possible, just like when playing a simple game of cricket.

To access this game, you simply type “Doodle Cricket Games” on Google.

Those are some Google Doodle games that you can access and play until now. Come on, try it! Which is your favorite game?

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